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P&M Variopower HS/HL 7' 9

  • Lengh  7' 9 (236cm)
  • Weigth 4 3/4oz.   (135 gr)
  • Line   #5/6

The Variopower was designed by Charles Ritz and intended to be cast using his high speed/high line, "HS/HL" technique. The butt section of the rod is made of fiberglass in a light brown color while the tip is bamboo.  Constructed with staggered ferrules, includes the hexagonal 6-strip bamboo ferrule plug.  The wraps are chestnut brown. Red, white, and blue signature wrap, a tribute to France. Bronzed guides. Magenta colored aluminum winding check. Classic cigar style grip 4" in length. Magenta colored aluminum cap and ring reel seat with a cork spacer. Nickel silver ferrules with typical P&M red witness marks. The sections fit together nice and tight as they should. In excellet condition with very low signs of use and a little cip of varnish near the butt ferrule wrap. The action is swift, on the faster side of medium-fast. The rod feels very light in the hand, thanks to the fiberglass butt section. Despite this, it also balances quite well. The rod is versatile, it has a good deal of backbone but is also capable of more delicate casts. Includes original bag. Truly a unique part of fly fishing history and another notable contribution from Charles Ritz. S/N 72277911


Reference nr.     OG052

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